about me

Back in 2019, I had this consistent feeling that something was not right. I found that my corporate 9-5 just wasn’t giving me the fulfillment that it once did – but beyond that, I realized that, FOR YEARS, I had been ignoring that little voice that whispered “what if…”

What if I could change careers? To do ANYTHING in the world?

What if I could be creative? EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

What if I could bring joy to others through art and design?

So I quit my job – no easy feat for an anxiety-ridden gal like me. I spent a year making art, reconnecting myself to my childhood pastime. And when I posted my doodles on Instagram, folks started to ask me to paint things for them, like murals in DC restaurants like Tortilla Coast, murals for swanky start-ups like ExecVision, or custom commissions.

This art turned into a portfolio – one that earned me a seat in the Interior Design Masters program at Parsons School of Design.

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